Entry: Dear Far and Near Jan 15, 2010


To Dear Far and Near.

By:Aziz M.Tehrani,Mashhad,Iran


Darling,mistress,kind, friend and what not?

Far,far,far,or so near !

My bosom has been wide open for you,

To hug you and listen to your dreams,dear.


Without any fear, unleash yourself,

Tell me what you would not tell,

To any other friends or kins,

And leave them in this spacious ocean.


Who is ready to absorb them safely,

From your conscious or unconscious,

And keep them till after death,

And like a fiery meteor rock disappear into the ground.



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November 30, 2011   11:11 PM PST
hi, my friend I came to check out your poems very beautiful and always Blessing to you Thank yfor signing my Guestbook! I will be back to see more your work keep up the good work! xx
nader panahzade
June 17, 2010   05:12 PM PDT
eradate ma ra bepazirid. az hadi jan joyaye ahvaletan hastam agar khne hamanjast miam sar maizanam vagarna ye shomare tlpon lotf konid .
April 3, 2010   02:56 AM PDT
just love and emotions
January 23, 2010   07:08 AM PST
Endless love and timeless! So beautiful!!! A love that extends through lifetimes. Thank you for your 'gift'. Love ~ SummerLyn

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