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Jul 31, 2009
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By Azizollah M. Tehrani ( azizallah@gmail.com )


Dear Friends,

My name is Aziz Tehrani. I am a private English teacher. I have been teaching different text books,

but at present I teach "New Interchange " books.

First of all I teach my students love and affection and random kindness.

I teach them to come to class with love.

To listen to their teachers with love.

To study their books with love.

To do their homework with love.

I also teach them quotes told by great men and women.

Quotes like:

Love the heart that hurts you,but never hurt the heart that loves you."Vipin Sharma"

or "You are what you eat"

or" Love all,trust a few and do harm to none.

I love God. I love human beings.I love land and sea creatures.

I love nature.In short,I love the whole universe, and I love you.

I believe, people, as far as possible,should live happily on earth,and try to make it a better place for living.

I am very interested in reading ,writing,surfing the net,psychology and poetry.

I have been in different countries such as: USA,Japan,England,Netherlands,Thailand ,

Switzerland and Dubai.( good old days !!)

One of our poets-- Fereydoon Moshiri -- says:

 " If in a far-off galaxy,

A heart cherishes my momory

One sheer moment in one hundred years,

My heart will beat for it,passionately

for the remaining moments of life."

I would like to hear from Teachers of English and random friends from all over the world.

I have a sense of humor.I am a creature ! Nobody is like nobody! How much time do I have,I don't know.

I love you all.

Azizollah M. Tehrani







Posted at 11:53 am by azizallah
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Good People of the World



Good people of the world are the only joy of the people of the world.

Posted at 11:53 am by azizallah
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To those I read their blogs

Dear Friends,
How I read your blogs and enjoy,
Writings are from a broad mind.
You are really unique for an old man,
Is always looking for you to find !!

Posted at 11:53 am by azizallah
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harm to nobody

    Like the shadow of the birds flying in the sky,in our life,we never harmed an ant, and passed.

This is the translation of a persian poem(couplet ) from Saeb Tabrizi :
Chon sayehe morghane hava dar safare khaak,
Azar be moori naresandim o gozashtim .

Posted at 11:53 am by azizallah
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Red Apple



By Aziz M. Tehrani  


Mashhad, Iran                                                                                                       



Red apple, why are you crying?

I am ripe but  nobody eats me! 

I will be rotten, if I am not eaten!


See how appetizing I am !

My colored skin sweet smelling like heaven angels.


From the moment the gardener planted the seed

I was thinking of you ! 

To serve you some day,

And to keep the doctors from you away.


For numerours weeks I have been sitting on a branch.

Beaten by many windstorms,

But God preserved me for your health.


Now I am ready .

Eat me , peel me or not.

Peel me but not waste me.

Eat me slowly and tast me.

Bite me like you bite other appetizing things!

Don’t throw me away half eaten.

And always remember , the saying:

"An Apple A Day Keeps The Doctor Away."                                                                                                                           

Posted at 11:27 am by azizallah
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Jan 4, 2009
Vegetable life

Whereever I like to step,

They shout " Don't laugh aloud !

I wish I had vegetable life!

Posted at 12:25 am by azizallah
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Jul 28, 2006
Water Is Alive!

Water is alive

by: aziz M. Tehrani, Mashhad, Iran



Water Is Alive!


Hello! drops of respected water,

Sometimes we use you cold and sometimes hotter.

We enjoy you when you come down the waterfalls,

Or from the sky like smaller balls.

You are very sightly in the form of rain,

You are healers and killers of pain.

There is nothing like you that cleanses and clears,

But you come from the sky in the form of tears!

You complain and hate cruel people and cry,

Of those who waste you a lot and you  wonder why.

I know you are alive,you have,for long ,been my friend,

I always say well of you,and tell everyone your legend.

You rejoice when being used correctly,

And get upset when you are used incorrectly.

Take it easy,some are silly,be brave,!

Those who abuse you dig up their own grave!



Posted at 10:31 am by azizallah
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Mar 24, 2006
Some Short Notes

Some Short Notes and Quotes.

By:   Aziz M. Tehrani.


Heaven and Hell are the sorting out place of God's recycle courts.


What are they going to do with peace?

To play “Drag and Drop” with it !!!


The Scream of the scilence is ear rending.


“Live and Let Live” is my daily slogan,

Then giving and forgetting,as far as I can.


If you leave at home your procrastination,

You will,sooner than you think,get to your destination.


Getting angry is like sinking in a swamp,

The more you get angry,the more you sink,

Till drown completely.




Posted at 05:24 am by azizallah
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Some life ethics

Some life ethics

By: Aziz M. Tehrani


If you don't love the God,

And you are not willing to pray,

You are not protecting your life,

You will gradually fade away.


If you are not going to help others,

What are you ,then,living for?

In this life and the life to come,

People like you,God will ignore.


You shouldn’t be so indifferent,

In helping your kins and others,

God helps you to succeed,if you,

Respect the old,the fathers and mothers.




Posted at 05:24 am by azizallah
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Mar 19, 2006
The Mirror of Life

The Mirror of Life

By: Aziz M. Tehrani ( Mashhad, Iran)


There are always two groups of people tirelessly working on the Mirror of Life.

The wicked people, as the first group,struggling to make the Mirror of Life dirty,

not suitable for living.

On the other hand, the good people,as the second group,struggling  to clean

the dirt off The Mirror of Life  and making it a better place for living (God bless them)

We can  call them blackhearted and whitehearted  groups as well.

There is also a third group-- the spectators--unfortunately just watching  and doing nothing!!

As the first group increase in number,on The Mirror of Life ,there is always some dirt left.

The struggle goes on till the second group grows in number and overcomes the other.

The victory is nigh.


Posted at 02:19 am by azizallah
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