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Jan 22, 2010
All of you are my friends

All of you are my friends.
By: Aziz M. Tehrani,Mashhad,Iran
I looked at every corner of the world,
I even searched by Gooooogle !
Black,white and no colour at all,
Beautiful,ugly,short or tall
I found nobody in any direction,
Who was not one of my friends.
I visualize,seeing all of you ,
As if I am standing on the Mars !
After a new love software I will instal
Soon,my brain waves contact you all.


Posted at 06:49 pm by azizallah
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Jan 15, 2010
Dear Far and Near


To Dear Far and Near.

By:Aziz M.Tehrani,Mashhad,Iran


Darling,mistress,kind, friend and what not?

Far,far,far,or so near !

My bosom has been wide open for you,

To hug you and listen to your dreams,dear.


Without any fear, unleash yourself,

Tell me what you would not tell,

To any other friends or kins,

And leave them in this spacious ocean.


Who is ready to absorb them safely,

From your conscious or unconscious,

And keep them till after death,

And like a fiery meteor rock disappear into the ground.


Posted at 03:07 pm by azizallah
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Jan 13, 2010

by: aziz M.Tehrani, Mashhad,Iran

If you leave at home your procrastination,

You will ,sooner than you think, get to your destination.

Posted at 06:02 pm by azizallah
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Jan 11, 2010
Zero Mind

Zero Mind,

Aziz m. Tehrani,Mashhad,Iran


Try to meditate,at least,once a week,

And bring yourself to Zero Mind,

After some concentration,suddenly,

Enlightenment you will find!!


Posted at 03:43 pm by azizallah
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Jan 9, 2010

Water is going to be dried,

It was made of vital H2 and O,

We didn't thank God when we drank,

So,thirsty to our graves we shall go !!!!

Posted at 09:44 pm by azizallah
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Jan 2, 2010
Dangerous Branch

  Is it wise to cut,do you think,

The branch we are standing on?

Why are we corrupting the earth?

Any other planet,to be landing on?!


Posted at 04:58 pm by azizallah
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Jan 1, 2010
Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all,

To anyone who is a hero,

Who survived  and is still living,

In the year Two Zero One Zero !!!!!

Posted at 10:20 am by azizallah
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Dec 25, 2009
Giving and Receiving

Aziz M. Tehrani, Mashhad,Iran



Giving and Receiving,




Giving 0000000000 is Receiving 0000000000

Posted at 04:04 pm by azizallah
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Aug 1, 2009
To those who read my blog



Thanks a million to you,

who read my boring blog!

There is no picture in it !

Like an out-of-the-way log!!


Posted at 05:20 pm by azizallah
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A Thank You Message For kind people who nsend Newsletters ( for me and others)

A thank you message for all kind people who send Newsletters ( for me and others)


Newsletters are said to be free,

But I can't help thanking the sender.

A deep gratitude that really costs,

More than any bargain they render!


It is not so easy,it takes time,

To do something  good for others,

I pray to God for all of you,

All of you are my friends,not others!


I read some as they arrive,

I leave some for a rainy day!

Some give me direct knowledge,

And some lead me out of the way!!

( Aziz M. Tehrani)



Posted at 05:20 pm by azizallah
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